5 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Home Value


Working on your home doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. It doesn’t need to break your budget. You can embark on a few simple renovation projects that are cost-effective as well as likely to add appeal. Here are 5 great new renovation ideas that are sure to increase the final resale value of your home.

1. Replace Your Shower Curtains with an Enclosure

Are you sick and tired of water leaking everywhere from your shower? Are you looking for a great new way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom? If this is the case, you will do well to upgrade the room with a brand new shower enclosure and tray. This will keep your bathroom floor dry while giving the place an update that will add value.

2. Give Your Home a New Paint Job

How long has it been since you gave your home a fresh coat of paint? You’d be surprised what a simple paint job can do for your property. It can give your home a fresh new look and feel. This can cause it to look years younger than it is. The result can be a simple move that adds a great deal of value.

The key to a successful home painting job is to make sure you choose the right color. You want your home to complement and blend in with the other homes on your block. You also want to make sure that the paint itself is safe to use and will last for years to come. Once these conditions are met, you can get started.

3. Mow, Trim, and Edge Your Front Lawn

There are a wide variety of home renovation projects that you can get started on any time you please. One of the projects that makes the most sense will be to mow, trim, and edge your lawn. This is the first area of your home that a potential buyer will see after they have exited their car. It makes sense to give them a positive first impression of your entire home.

This means starting with the front lawn. Make sure it is neatly mowed and edged. Fill in any bare or brown patches and make sure you are using a watering system that is energy efficient. You can also touch up your pavement, driveway, and front path. These are all simple repairs that will add value to your property.

4. Buy Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

The windows and doors in your home are most likely the same ones that were there when you bought the place. If your home is over 30 years old, this can be an issue. These old doors and windows are beginning to age and wear out. The time is now for you to replace them with new, more energy-efficient models.

Doing so will bring a whole host of welcome results. Homebuyers like to see that the owner of the property has taken care to keep it in great shape. Being able to show them that you have upgraded the property will be a major feather in your cap. In the meantime, you can also save a lot of energy, time, and money.

5. Add a Home Office to Your Property

One of the most timely things you can do to add a bit of resale value to your property is to build a new home office. More people are working from home than ever before. Now is the time to profit from this trend.

You can convert a storage room or unused bedroom into your new home office. Make sure it is well lit with adequate ventilation and plenty of space to move around. This is a simple renovation that will add instant appeal.

Increasing Home Value is Always the Goal

Every new home upgrade project that you embark on should have a firm goal in mind. Increasing the ultimate resale value of your home should always be the point you are aiming for. This is true even if you don’t intend to sell the home for quite some time. Your comfort and convenience will be welcome side effects.

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