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Annotation apps are important because they let you add comments, new ideas, and other important editorial elements to any PDF document. They are useful in many different contexts from academic, research, and other investigative papers to business proposals and legal briefs. The best PDF editors also come with several other editing features that help you create more vivid and content-rich documents that elevate the text beyond its original form. 

 How Do I Add Notes to Comments in a PDF?

Adding comments in a PDF with apps for annotating PDFs is a straightforward process that can be done in a few steps. You can first open a PDF document in the appropriate browser or program and then look for the Comment icon often in the shape of a text bubble or dialog box. Clicking on the icon will change the cursor and let you highlight the spot where you want to add the comment. 

You can highlight the relevant text, type your comment, add a collaborator and then click on Comment. In a program like Lumin PDF, the process is even simpler. You can either: 

  • Use the Comment button to create a new dialog box 
  • Highlight the text with the cursor, right-click and choose the Comment option 
  • Draw or make a notation with the Freehand tool anywhere on the text 

Can You Add Comments to a PDF with Adobe Reader?

You can add comments to a PDF with Adobe Reader if the comment feature is enabled. The function was included in the newest version of the Adobe Reader program that lets anyone view and read PDF files on their web browser without having to install a new program. Users can highlight the text or passage they want to leave a comment on and right-click. 

A pop-up menu will appear with several options including highlighting text, underlining, and copying text. You will also be able to edit the text using this option, while users can also add sticky notes to certain text passages and images for other collaborators to see. 

Replace Text Online

Replacing text online is as simple as performing any other type of function with a PDF note taker. You can upload your text to any compatible apps for writing on PDFs and highlight the text you want to remove. When highlighted you can right-click and cut the text or delete it by pressing the delete button. 

You can also choose the paste option to replace the text with another line, phrase, or passage imported from another document. There is also the option to leave a comment or annotation for another collaborator to replace the text with a specific passage of text from another document if need be. 

Add or Edit a Comment Online 

You can also use a writing on PDF app to add specific comments to a document for others to see or comment on while continuing the editing process. The process is straightforward and similar across different annotation apps and includes simple steps like highlighting specific lines of text and leaving a comment. 

Once attached, the comment can be seen by other collaborators who can also add comments of their own or follow the instructions left by the previous commenter. They can also edit the previous comment by clicking on the Edit button or pencil icon. The chain can continue with comments being added to already posted comments until the text has been improved or other changes have been implemented. 

Delete a Sticky Note Online

Many sticky notes come with delete buttons in the form of an X located near the top. Clicking this icon is the easiest way to delete them and the function is similar across many different PDF note-taking apps. You can go through each sticky note individually to delete them or choose to remove all comments once you are finished editing the text. 

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