Wedding Advice: A great Dress, photographer, and a Limousine



All young people, who have already experienced this, know that finding THE wedding dress is a real little quest. But in the end, all that torment pays off, even though it doesn’t seem like it for as long as it lasts. Few young people find a wedding dress “from the first” (although there are some), but it is best to start the search as soon as the wedding date is set. There is no shortage of salons in Toronto, so – you will find yourself. CAD on more depends on whether it is a newer collection or not, whether it is crinoline or simpler, etc.

Also, follow the wedding dress salons on their Facebook and similar pages because they may have sales, so wedding dresses can be bought on those occasions for 300CAD! Of course, this category also includes sewing your own dream wedding dress, which is definitely an advantage – if you know exactly what you want because you get your own wedding dress, tailored, without fear of getting stuck somewhere. Sewing (with the material) will cost you about 600CAD. The male part of this story is much simpler. If you ask them, they could buy/sew a suit the day before the wedding. But a beautiful formal suit is an important link (which must also match the “color” of the wedding, wedding dresses, wedding story style, etc.) so we find out that they have to pay about 1000CAD for a suit and shoes.


Toronto is known as a city of photographers, so it will not be easy for you when making this decision unless of course, you follow the price. There are more and more of them every year and the competition is getting stronger, but again – if you know what you want and what you like – you won’t have a problem. The prices of photographers range from about 8 hundred CAD (which includes the increasingly popular photo books), and there are also 3 thousand (this includes albums, photo books for newlyweds, parents, godparents) The price of the recording also depends on several things: how long it will last, how many cameramen there are, the additional equipment they use, etc., and they range from 800, 1000 CAD, up to 4 thousand CAD and more (and these are already real film productions!).

Many offer a photo and video in the kit, so prices range from 1 to 1.5 thousand CAD, and more. It is possible to make invitations and thank you notes in the package with the above and considering how rich/simple they are, the prices range from 1 CAD per piece.


A good dress and a great photographer, so what is the use of both the two if you do not have the luxury touch in it? What is better than a limousine on rent on your wedding to touch that luxury and make your special day more of a special? Hire a limousine on rent from Limo Service Rental for great offers and pricing.