WordPress Course in Lahore: Things and Skills to Learn


WordPress is a free and open-source website creation platform. The students who have started WordPress courses in Lahore know that they need special skills to make WordPress work. The WordPress Course in Lahore offers some very valuable things to learn by attending the course.

Things and skills included in the WordPress course in Lahore are as follows:

1. WordPress Login – Once WordPress has been installed on your web server, you can access your WordPress login page from two different URLs.

2. Exploring the WordPress Dashboard – The WordPress Dashboard allows you to control all of the behind-the-scene details of managing your site. In an online WordPress course in Lahore, you will learn how to explore the right things in the dashboard.

3. Using the WordPress Admin Bar – the WordPress Admin Bar or toolbar. The WordPress Admin Bar is a shortcut area that allows you to access the behind-the-scenes controls when you’re on the front end of your WordPress blog or website.

4. Exploring WordPress Settings – WordPress offers a ton of settings for customizing how your website functions. In the online WordPress course, you will cover WordPress Settings in depth.

5. WordPress Posts vs Pages – When it comes to creating content for your WordPress site, you have the option to choose between creating either a post or a page. Both have respective uses and can add dynamic elements to your site.

6. Creating a WordPress Post – The WordPress course in Lahore covers how to add your first WordPress post and deal with it.

7. Adding Links in WordPress – The WordPress post and page editor make it easy to add hyperlinks to other web pages from your content.

8. Adding Images in WordPress – Using a visual element like an image or photo is a great way to spruce up your post or page content.

9. Using the WordPress Media Library –The WordPress Media Library contains all the files you’ve uploaded to your WordPress site, with the most recent uploads listed first.

10. Formatting WordPress Posts –you will cover some of the basics of formatting your WordPress posts with the built-in WordPress post editor

11. Scheduling WordPress Posts – In the WordPress course in Lahore, you will learn how to use the built-in WordPress post scheduler to add a time to publish.

12. WordPress Categories & Tags – WordPress categories and tags are a way to add an organizational structure to your WordPress posts.

13. Creating a WordPress Page – Creating a WordPress page is similar to creating a post. Just remember that pages are intended for static content, while posts are time-based.

14. Applying a WordPress Page Template – Some WordPress themes include page templates that change the way your pages are formatted on the front end (the visible part of your website).

15. Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress – In the online WordPress course, you will get some tips and tricks to get your site navigation up and running in no time.

16. Managing Comments in WordPress – Comments add a more interactive discussion element to your website, allowing visitors to comment on posts or pages.

17. Creating Users in WordPress – Creating users in WordPress allows you to add users with different roles and access privileges to your site. Once created, a user can log in to your site with a username and password.

So through these things you have to learn about the WordPress course in Lahore, it helps a lot to improve your skills and can also help you to start your career. So take a benefit from these things and check out the above all things.