How to Blog Consistently Even When Life Gets Busy 


When it comes to marketing your business, content is key. Sometimes it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day or even week to create consistent blog content.

If you’re feeling like it’s impossible to get your blogs done, here are our tips and tricks on how to blog consistently, even when life gets busy.

Prep Your Articles

The first thing you should do if you need consistent blog content for your business is to prep your articles early. The research for headings and keywords can take time. 

To save yourself the trouble of doing the research right before writing your blog, get it done ahead of time.  

You can do this ahead of time by brainstorming article ideas at the beginning of the week or month. Then, you’ll have a list of blogs ready to go. 

Once you have your list of ideas, go through and find the keywords and sources you’ll want to include. Then, put that in an outline. We suggest doing this process early on in the month so you can have the brunt of your article work done before you have to write them. 

Although this prep is a bit time-intensive, it will make it easier to stay on top of writing your blogs throughout the month. Every time you have a busy week and need to write, the outlines will be there and all you’ll need to do is write.

Stick to a Schedule

The next step to blogging consistently is to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. You’ll need to figure 

out how many blogs you want to post on your site and how often you want to post them. If your content tends to be on the shorter side, you may need to post more often and vice versa. 

Once you figure out how many days a week you need to post, create a content calendar. Having a calendar in front of you will help you to know how many blogs you have to get done in a certain amount of time. You can also use a project management tool to plan out your blogs and check them off as you go.

The most important part about creating a schedule is sticking to it. If you decide to bump a blog to the next day, now you’ll have two to do. Then you bump those two to another day and all of a sudden you have to write 5 blogs at the end of the week. Using a little self-discipline will not only help you manage your workload but help you create a routine to blog consistently

Dedicate Time to Blog

Now that you have a content schedule to stick to it’s time to get into the bulk of the work. Writing! One of the challenges of blogging is finding chunks of time to dedicate to writing. So to keep up with consistent blogging you will need to create writing blocks to work on your blogs. 

If you’re a morning person, maybe you schedule your writing blocks while drinking coffee. If you’re a night owl you may want to do them in the evening. Try to find a time to works for you, your creativity, and your schedule. 

During your writing blocks don’t take meetings or phone calls and try to minimize distractions. This way you can fully focus on getting your blog content done. Without interruptions, you may find that writing your blogs doesn’t take you that long either. 

If life is too busy don’t be afraid to write on the go. Creative bloggers or those looking for inspiration should be writing everywhere. Take a notebook with you or use apps like Google Docs on your phone. If you find some downtime while you’re on the move, you can take that time to write if creating dedicated writing blocks just doesn’t fit into your process.

Hire a Content Marketing Agency 

If you cannot find a single second in the day to write blogs, it’s time to find some support. To help your business grow and have consistent content, you can hire a content marketing agency. A content marketing agency’s job is to create content for your business. You can be hands-on with your agency or sit back and let them do their thing. 

If you’re not sure if working with an agency is right for you you can check out more details in this helpful guide from Intergrowth

You can also try working with a freelancer. This person will be dedicated to writing your blog content when you can’t. Or they can help you split up the work. Working with freelancers or agencies is a great idea for companies that are ready to expand their content strategy and work with new clients. 


Writing consistent blog content is challenging. From coming up with ideas, researching, outlining, and writing, there may not be enough time to get it all done. But with these tips and tricks, you should be able to find strategies that work with you and your schedule to get those blogs done. 

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