UFX Review: What Does It Offer? And What Are The Top UFX Accounts?

UFX Review

The UFX broker has been operating since 2010 and is powered by Mass Insights technology. In 2018, 2.8 million unique trades were reported to the CME from a European Union-verified trade register. There are five categories of assets that can be traded at the brokerage. This guide is all about UFX review.

What does UFX have to offer?

When it comes to assisting clients with trading activities for all kinds of financial instruments, UFX is among the top forex brokers. Forex pairs and CFDs are the most traded asset classes for these instruments. As well as commodities, market indices, stocks, and ETFs, traders can trade with UFX. UFX offers more than 60 currency pairs as a forex broker.

There are also seven different types of market indices available. Additionally, ten ETF funds, seven commodities, and 29 stocks can be traded through this platform.

To trade these instruments, traders must open a UFX account. Different types of trading accounts are available from the company.

What are the top UFX trading accounts?

UFX offers its new members the choice of 4 trading accounts once registered. Here is a brief overview of UFX’s trading accounts:

1.    Gold Trading Account

This account helps advanced traders run large-scale trading activities. ParagonEx WebTrader 4.0, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 are also available to UFX traders who wish to trade gold. Furthermore, it provides the same privileges as its predecessor accounts and SMS alerts. The minimum deposit required to activate this account is $5000.

2.    Mini Trading Account

UFX’s mini trading account requires traders to deposit a minimum of $500 to use it. In addition to real-time support, the micro-trading version offers a regular account’s features. As part of this account, users can also access personal coaches.

3.    Trading Account for Professionals

This account requires a $1,000 deposit and is designed for professional traders. This account can handle a high volume of trading. Trading accounts with VIP support are available only to standard clients, not to those with mini or micro accounts.

4.    Micro Trading Account

This is the most basic account for beginners. Opening a micro-trading account requires a minimum deposit of $100. At this brokerage, you can access live customer service 24 hours a day, a video library, and daily market updates.

Does UFX offer a safe investment?

A broker’s administrative body and regulatory status are fundamental issues when choosing a broker like UFX. The decision to conduct trades without a regulatory body’s oversight is at the broker’s discretion.

With a head office in Vanuatu since 2007, UFX has been operating for 15 years. Due to the regulations imposed on regulated brokers, it is doubtful that they will manipulate market prices. UFX will honor your withdrawal request when you send it in. If UFX violates any regulatory rules, its regulated status could be revoked. There is a risk to your capital.


Several operational and regulatory aspects of UFX are highlighted in this review. Moreover, in compliance with all relevant terms, EXNESS broker is a trusted broker partner. All payment obligations are met by EXNESS, and money earned is paid.

A license number has been assigned to the UFX trading service by the Cyprus Securities Commission. The broker is a legitimate company based on this evidence. The review has evaluated the broker based on its trading platforms and account types.

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