A Basic Checklist for Maintaining the Plumbing System in Your Home


Last Updated on February 25, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Any homeowner worth their salt knows the importance of regularly checking their plumbing system. However, it is the most important task but can often be unnerving. While if not attended to, any small issues that occur in the present can become bigger, worse, more damaging and even more costly exercise later on. After your normal routine, it is quite difficult for you to know where to start when it comes to making sure that all the plumbing systems of the housework are properly and in order.

Undoubtedly, a regular inspection of your major plumbing fixtures can help you find out and correct developing issues before they become emergencies. A checklist for plumbing maintenance is the best way to keep yourself and your house plumbing system on track at the start of the year, so if you find any problem in your plumbing system, call the emergency plumber in San Diego.

The plumbing system can become your headache if you do not properly do safety measures. Moreover, there are some important things that you can easily do to avoid unnecessary expenses. Here is a basic checklist that will help save your precious time when doing your regular plumbing maintenance. This checklist contains checking things such as toilets and tabs and looks at the hot water system, your storm-water and sewer drainage system of your home.

Check the Drainage System:

The health of your drainage system is the most important part of your plumbing maintenance checklist. The clogged and blocked drains cause so many problems. Therefore, it is the most essential and first most things included in your checklist to check the sinks, toilets, showers, tubs and even the washing machine of your house regularly to ensure that there is no drainage problem. The most common warning sign of an unhealthy drainage system is that they are not draining as quickly as possible.

While if you allow food or grease to enter your drainage pipes, there may be build up that can eventually turn into a clog if you ignore it for too long? Leaky drains and pipes are the major cause of severe water damage that will mostly be costly compared to regular maintenance checks.

Inspect Vent Pipes of Your Home:

An integral part of your house’s drain and sewer system is the vent pipes. The key role of these vent pipes is to equalise the air pressure of your house and vent sewer gases. If you find any blockage in your vent pipes, immediately call the emergency plumber in San Diegoto instantly solve the issue before it becomes worse. Usually, these vent pipes exit on the rooftop of your home, and if they become blocked with debris or any other thing, the complete drainage system of your home will stop working. So when you start your inspection tour of the plumbing system, it is also a most important part of your checklist to visually inspect the vent pipes of your home extending through the roof of your house for signs of blockage.

Check the Water Pressure:

Low water pressure is the most frustrating problem and can even end up with an increase in your water bill. Sometimes your water heater has been draining properly, but it is probably time to clean your showerhead if you still have a low-pressure issue. Take vinegar in a small bag, place the shower head inside the bag, and set it overnight. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you will need to call an emergency plumber in San Diego to check any pressure valves.

Keep An Eye On Pipe Corrosion:

Pipe corrosion is a common sign of leakage. Many people ignore this important thing when inspecting their home plumbing system. In addition to this, they do not check the exposed pipes of their homes, so corrosion often leads to bigger leaks and damages within the home. The easiest and simplest way to get rid of corrosion is to maintain your water heater regularly and change your pipes when they get too old.       

Make Your Gutters Debris -Free:

A debris-free gutter is very important for the proper drainage of your outdoor plumbing system. Call anemergency plumber in San Diego for help using a drain snake on the outside gutters. To secure your home from flooding is very important to maintain all the drainage ports inside or outside your home.

Maintain Your Water Heater:

The water heater is the most important part of our home that needs to ensure our home’s water system keeps running smoothly. Of course, the water heater is one of the most expensive things to repair if it is not working properly or is damaged. You can also take help from an emergency plumber in San Diego to check your home’s water heater. Moreover, make sure that your home’s water heater is set to 125 degrees, which is an ideal temperature that can ensure the performance and long life of your water heater.

Check Leaks in Your Home:

Leakage is another major problem that also ends up worsening. It is good to check all the pipes of your home because there is a leak somewhere in your home. If you find any leakage, just call the emergency plumber in San Diegoto solve the leakage issue instantly. One of the simplest and easiest ways to check the leaks in your home is to check the four common spots of your home, including the Pipefitting of your home, the toilet flappers, the heads of the shower, and most importantly, the Faucets of your home. However, if you see any moisture on the walls or ceiling in your home, it is better to opt to callan emergency plumber in San Diego. It looks like a tedious job, but it will keep your pipes maintained and help you to prevent further damage.


Your home’s plumbing system has the potential to save you money and reduce the amount of stress you experience over time. Regularly checking your home’s plumbing system can prevent severe damage. If you find any issue, you instantly call the emergency plumber in San Diego, who willresolve the issue immediately.

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