Who Is Parker Gold Rush? Parker Gold Rush Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, And More

Parker Gold Rush

Parker Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel’s net worth is an area of interest for online users due to years working in the gold mining industry. He started as a miner of gold when his age was just a child. Following the passing of his grandfather, he stepped into his role.

Early Life

Russell Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. It is his father’s name Roger Schnabel who is the president, and his brother Payson is the vice president. He has been in the mining business since he was five years old. Parker worked with his grandfather John Schnabel’s mining firm, Big Nugget. He was able to handle big machinery before his feet could contact the pedals.

A keen explorer and outdoor enthusiast, Parker intended to focus on mining studies or geology in college to return to manage his family’s mine. He was able to take over the day-to-day mining operations following graduation. When his grandfather John was forced to retire from the daily working operations of the mining operation, Parker took over his place. He was the new boss, commanded a group of miners two times his age, and proved to locate significant gold. Instead of going to university, Parker took the risky decision to relocate from the mining area to search for new fortunes on The Yukon territory. Parker tapped his college trust funds as a seed fund for the venture.

Education of Parker Gold Rush

Parker was determined to get an education and learn as much as he could. He taught himself to read and write and would spend every spare moment studying and reading books.

As he grew older, Parker Gold Rush embarked on his own journey of exploration, traversing remote landscapes in search of riches untold. Armed with determination, grit, and a keen eye for opportunity, he navigated the challenges of the modern gold mining industry, facing formidable obstacles with courage and resilience. Along the way, Parker Gold Rush forged partnerships, made discoveries, and built a reputation as a pioneer in his field, earning the respect and admiration of his peers.

Interest in Mining

Parker’s interest in mining began when he was a teenager. He heard stories of the gold rush in California and was fascinated by the idea of striking it rich. He saved up enough money to buy some basic supplies and set off for the gold fields.

Education in Mining Techniques

Although Parker was self-taught, he was a quick learner and soon became skilled in the techniques of mining. He learned about geology and how to read the land to find the best spots for gold. He also learned about different tools and methods for extracting gold from the earth.

Personal life

Parker Schnabel dated Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse. She was on the reality program and worked with him in the Klondike. In 2019, there was speculation that he had a relationship with an alleged new partner, acting as his assistant producer for the TV show Sheena Cowell. He’s a confessed worker who values his mining job over his personal life. He has bought his dream home in Alaska, a sprawling house with modern conveniences for more than $900 million. In January of 2017, Parker angered fans when Parker took to Facebook to announce that he’d soon reveal his child to the world. He then twisted the story and showed that”the “baby” in the picture was a fur-baby, his new pet.

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The show follows a group of gold miners to make a living from mining gold in Alaska and the Klondike. Parker was a reality television show participant since Season 2 and is set to appear in the following season. In the second season of the show, Schnabel was mandated to oversee the operations at the big Nugget mine after his grandfather had decided to quit the show.

Schnabel was a part of the reality show Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2012 until 2016. Schnabel became famous in 2017 due to his performance in the episode Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Schnabel is best known for his part in the episode in which Schnabel tried to assist the miners of Porcupine Creek. He earns $25,000 for each episode. He has been featured on the show from 2012 until now and has amassed an amount of money.

Parker Gold Rush net worth

Parker has an impressive track record as a gold miner and a reality TV celebrity. Since he began his career and has amassed quite a bit of money, if you’re one of his followers, you should be interested in finding out the amount of money he will earn in 2022. Eight million dollars is the estimated net worth by 2022.

He has a net worth that is quite impressive, and you should be interested to know what the amount of money he’s earned is worth over time. Parker has increased the value of his savings account due to his income from being one of the cast members on the reality show. Additionally, he makes substantial sums in his mining company.

Where does Gold Rush’s Parker reside?

Parker Schnabel lives in his own home that he purchased near Porcupine Creek, Alaska. He is most known for just being a reality show star on the Discovery Channel episode “Gold Rush.” He shoots the show here as well. He spent $1.7 million on the more than 2,000-square-foot home. There are two bathrooms & 3 bedrooms.

Mining gold

Parker has amassed a fortune as a gold miner in the absence of reality television. Parker was interested in mining gold since the age of a small child. Parker was able to operate the heavy equipment in the gold mine by ten years old. But, he began working for the grandfather’s Big Nugget mining company when he was 16 and a half years old. He was responsible for running the mine’s day-to-day operations after his grandfather retired from the mining business.

Then, Parker established his own mining business, known by the name of Southeast Road Builders. Throughout his mining experience, Parker has collected ounces of gold that can be worth thousands of dollars. As a gold mining entrepreneur, the most significant achievement he has achieved was when he found 1029 ounces worth of gold, valued at over $1.4 million.

Real Estate

This man could afford to live a lavish life with a high income. He doesn’t spend the money he has earned on extravagant automobiles and instead uses the money to purchase new equipment that can improve mining processes.


Parker Gold Rush’s net worth is mind-blowing. The reality TV star has earned a fortune due to performances on the Gold Rush reality TV series and other ventures. He’s scheduled to appear on the upcoming seasons of the show. 

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What made Parker why did Parker leave Gold Rush?

In Season 11, their battles were more frequent and heated than ever. According to Distractify, in October 2021, Ruault admitted in an episode of Season 12 that his conflicting relationship and Schabel were why Schabel left.

Is Gold Rush Parker married?

TV Star Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, with Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel. At the time of writing, 2021, Parker was 27. He is single.