How Much Does Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Cost?

Unity 3D Mobile Game Development

One of the best tools available for developers is Unity’s 3D game engine and development kit. Many developers and designers use it to create prototypes and complete projects. Among its reasons for popularity are the advanced features and functionalities of Unity 3D game development.

Many businesses take advantage of this platform by taking advantage of millions of people who play these games. There are many famous Unity 3D games such as Cuphead, Hearthstone, and others in high demand.

If you want exceptional Unity 3D games that can dominate the market, then BR Softech is the company to choose. Their experience in the industry spans more than 8 years.

However, in this article  you will learn how much Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Cost.

Statistical overview

You can understand the contemporary demand, and prospects of 3D games by analyzing the market data. The following statistics pertain to the development of 3D games.

1. As a mobile advertising network, Unity remains the top choice for 61% of developers.

2. The global video game market is forecast to grow to $159 billion in 2019- 2021, almost three times that of the movie industry ($43 billion in 2019-2021) and around four times that of the music industry ($57 billion in 2019-2021).

3. A total of 94 of the top 100 development firms in the world choose Unity Create and Operate solutions.

4. The number of apps installed by mobile gamers has increased by 84% over the past year.

What is the cost of Unity Blockchain game development?

Currently, blockchain Unity Game Development Services contributes huge sums of $11.54B to the game industry. According to estimates, the amount will reach almost $163 billion by 2027. Decentralized aspects and securing the earnings potential of blockchain technology have transformed the game industry, but it has also presented developers with challenges in implementing secure transaction features in blockchain-based projects.

However, stack tools have made it feasible for developers to take advantage of the transactions feature. Thus, Unity Game Development Services costs can range from $50,000 to a little less or more depending on the required features (advanced or basic) and other essential factors.

What is the cost of developing a Unity Play-to-Earn game?

Unity developers can also build play-to-earn crypto games in Unity 2D or 3D with NFT-specific content. A wide range of game genres, such as adventure, racing, sports, multiplayer, single-player, etc., are covered, as well as wallet connectivity, game environment settings, and high-performance asset development.

 Multiplatform games powered by Unity will grow faster since the engine supports multiple platforms. Therefore, the unity play-to-earn game development costs could range from $10,000 to $35,000, depending on the expertise of the team and the game’s requirements.

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Unity Fps Game?

Gamers who love extreme thrills have always been drawn to the first-person shooter genre. A player can play missions, quests, or multiplayer modes in this genre of game. You can play multiple types of multiplayer games, including search and destroy, capture the flag, and more.

Using Unity, Game Development Company can set challenging environments with fiery enemies and thrilling storylines for their FPS games. However, minor variations can cost up to $20000.

How Much Is The Cost Of Developing A Unity 3d Game?

As the Unity 3D game development process proceeds, the cost can be seen. So you can understand how your final cost will be calculated for Unity Game Development Services, let’s first understand the process of Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Cost.

Several phases of game development have been influenced by the factors outlined above.

The following are six steps for developing a Unity 3D game. Here’s a simple overview of the steps involved. It is a more involved process and requires a professional developer.

1. Strategic planning and research

Research and strategic planning are the foundation of every development. The plan must be well-drafted for the project to succeed. The best way to start a game development project is to conduct research and planning.

2. Testing and prototyping

As a representative sample of the target audience, Unity 3D game development begins with prototyping and testing the game with the real audience.

3. Modeling and Texture creation

It is time to move on to modeling and texture mapping once the prototype has been thoroughly researched, planned, and tested. A developer’s role, complexity, storyline, and technology are all incorporated during this phase.

4. Animating and shading

During this stage, the UX and UI designers work to sharpen up the models created and give them a movable technology. In order to create a better gaming experience, adding technologies like VR and AI is essential.

5. Audio Effects

Various techniques are used to enhance the gaming experience after the animation phase. Professionals working on this phase are adept at matching animation with sound effects to create a unique gaming environment.

6. Launching

Now that the Unity 3D game has gone through several phases of development, the game can be launched on the chosen platform with the utmost concern for marketing and advertising. Marketers help to bring the game to a stage where audiences can see it and decide to use it.

The price of Unity 3D game development is determined by this process and its steps. The cost of developing a Unity 3D game for basic features and technologies usually runs around $20,000. Adding more features and functionality will increase the price.

In most cases, the project’s cost is determined by the amount of time and effort invested by professionals. As the 3D game becomes more complex and functional, the time needed for completing the project increases. Time is tracked by the hour.

Are You Looking For A Game Development Company?

Here, the best development company is BR Softech. Over the last 8+ years, BR Softech has established itself as the best Unity 3D Game Development Company. Because they understand that maintenance and updates are essential to a game’s long-term success, they have launched successful games on the market and provide regular updates to their clients.

Designers and animators who specialize in 3D modeling and textures work for Unity game development. Their Unity 3D games have unique themes and features, so they get highlighted in competitions due to their excellence.

Their team of experts will help you develop a Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Cost for your next project. Their experts are adept at converting themes and gaming experiences into code in such a way that a game is bug-free and filled with cutting-edge features.

Get in touch with the Unity 3D game development experts today to discuss your Unity 3D game project requirements. The money you invest will work for you as you’ll get the best price.

How is Experience essential with Unity development?

Let’s take a look at an example they had in their company to show you how much a mobile application can cost.

A project was given to develop an Android version of the iOS application. A customer asked for a mobile application to be developed with Unity. In the app, people are asked to rate how they feel after winning and losing. Several games and questionnaires are included. Other games will be added in the future. All of the design was created by the client. 

The following people were put together to create a Unity mobile application:

  • 1 Unity developer.
  • 1 Team Lead for monitoring.
  • 1 Backend PHP developer.
  • 1 Designer.
  • 1 Tester.
  • 1 Project coordinator.

It took five months to complete the development process. 

As for the price, it varies:

  • For Unity — $30 000 – $40 000.
  • For Backend PHP — $2 870 – $4 000.
  • For Design — $1 000 – $3 000.
  • For Testing — $3 000 – $5 000.

So An estimate of the cost of such a mobile application would be between $35 000 and $60 000.


Unity 3D games are in high demand, and with COVID-19 we see a remarkable spurt in the use of digital platforms. A better gaming experience is becoming increasingly important as audiences use digital platforms more. One of the advantages of Unity is the ability to be more creative.

Due to its outstanding and unique functions and features, Unity 3D game development differs from ordinary game development. Due to its high Return-on-Investment level, Unity 3d game development is popular among businesses.

You can Have a bright future due to the ever-increasing demand and newer technologies emerging that make games more engaging. However, connect with a game development company for further development.

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