How to Decrease IT Problems on your Computers


To most people, a computer is their lifeline. There is not much they can do without the computer. As such, the computer must be in good condition at all times. Computers may have several problems, such as overheating, slow operation, and switching off mid-operation among others. You can avoid these problems with the tips below:

Update Your Computer

You can avoid software and operating system glitches by updating your computer regularly. This will help the corruption of out-of-date program files. If you have the latest version of Windows, it will update automatically as long as you are connected to the internet. You can also manually update the computer from the settings page. Besides updating the OS, ensure that all the other apps are up to date. Updates minimize attacks from hackers and people who may want access to your computer.

Have an Active and Up-To-Date Antivirus

Viruses and malware slow down your computer. They may also lead to loss of data, so you need to keep them at bay. Install a reliable antivirus program and regularly scan your computer to ensure it is protected. The latest Windows OS comes with Windows Defender already installed to protect you from malware. However, adding another layer of security is always a good idea. There are several free-to-use antivirus programs, but these may not offer the level of security you need. So, always go for a premium antivirus that protects you from all possible threats.

Switch Off Computer When Not in Use

It is common for people to leave computers in sleep mode when not in use. Sometimes you are only going for a 30-minute break and you want to pick up your work from where you left off. However, this only fills up the computer memory and can slow you down. You can free up some space in your computer memory to boost performance by switching off your computer when not in use instead of putting it to sleep.

If you have been putting the computer to sleep, restart the computer once in a while to get it working faster.

Update the Drivers and Install the Missing Drivers

If your computer has challenges connecting to hardware, such as printers, graphics cards, routers, mice, and others, then the problem might be with the drivers. Drivers are software that helps the computer communicate with hardware, such as printers. Computers have all the needed drivers when new, but these drivers may need an update. Some glitches can also necessitate that you install the drivers afresh. There is software that manages drivers for you, so you can use one of these, or you can go to the device manager and install the drivers manually from there.

Get the Right Software or the Right Computer

You might be forcing some heavy business computer systems on a low-memory low CPU-power computer. If, for instance, you do architecture, you need a computer with sufficient memory and sufficient processing power. Installing CPU-intensive software on a weak computer will always slow you down. As such, match the computer to the software you use to avoid problems.

Blow the Dust and Use the Computer in a Cool Area

One of the main problems with computers is overheating. This occurs when the computer is dusty, has a faulty fan, the computer is overused, or the heat sinks are not installed correctly. You can avoid overheating by using the computer in a less dusty and cool area. If the computer gets dusty, you need to have a professional blow it and check its heat sink and its fans.

Overheating causes the computer to switch off prematurely and can also slow you down. If you blow the computer and use it in a cool area, but it keeps overheating, then you may need a more powerful fan.

Run System Restore

System restore is like a snapshot of the computer in its standard settings at a specific time (the restore point). If you run into a problem with your computer, you can always reset your computer to this restore point. When you reset the computer, it erases any changes that might be causing a problem.

It is also advisable that you back up your computer in case a major problem occurs. This way, you will not lose your data or your settings.

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