12 Unbeatable Virtual Icebreakers to Not Traumatize Your Team


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You can get your team’s attention efficiently by using some easy games as icebreakers. But many managers struggle as they sometimes traumatize their teammates with different types of icebreakers. So, you will need a user guide to make sure that you do not do anything like that.

Therefore, here are various unbeatable virtual icebreakers to not traumatize your team.

This or That

As per the virtual town hall meeting platform experts, you can choose the game called this or that. In this game, you can welcome the audience by asking them for choices. You have to give them two options from which they need to pick one. Moreover, you can attain complete attention from the start of your virtual meeting. It may sound childish, but it can be really fun if you know even a little bit more about your meeting attendees. You can ask questions that must relax the environment and add humor.

Song on Repeat

As per the virtual meeting platform professionals, music and movies enlighten the environment and make everything more pleasant. You can start the conversation in your virtual meeting by asking about the song of the week as per their vote. So, you can ask everyone the song they have listened to on repeat last week or month. It will add a lot of stories as everyone can share why they love that song so much. Also, you can ask for the word that affects them the most.

Tell Us Which City You’re in Without Telling Us City Name

As per the virtual AGM platform experts, you can add some suspense and thrill to your icebreaker activity with City guess. You will ask everyone one by one which city they are now or they visited last month. But they can not take the name of the city. They have to share something famous about that place or a well-known personality born or had a name for that place. The guessing part can add thrill and excitement to the attendees. They will enjoy this for sure.

Common Ground

As per the virtual corporate meeting platform experts, you can grab great attention with common ground games. In this game, you have to ask everyone one thing they think is common among the other teammates. It can be anything related to some eating habits, drink choice, or anything but unrelated to work. Moreover, let everyone share what they think about each other. Also, it can be a team bonding activity. Everyone will know how much teammates notice each other and their habits.


It can be a good idea to grab everyone’s attention towards you. Keep a person in the spotlight who will act the word or sentence, & ask others to understand what he is trying to convey, and let every other person act once. Moreover, it will build a better bonding between all the teammates. They can understand the way each one expresses themselves.

The item on Your Desk

Another engaging game is to ask for a pic of the thing that teammates have on their desks. It can be anything that they always have with them when they work.

  • Something that they never even noticed but was always at their desk,
  • Something they never used but have on their desk,
  • A gift or present
  • Books or diaries.
  • A motivational quote sticker

It can be anything. You have to think of something as funky that can create a better environment and fun for everyone.

Questions of Curiosity

You can ask and include the questions with curiosity involving the attendees. Moreover, it can make them come and answer in order to get complete attention from the attendees. You can ask questions about:

  • Their first job
  • The actor that would play your role in a movie better
  • Their favorite season
  • Music they like
  • Their favorite food or drink
  • An ice cream flavor that can describe their personality
  • Their favorite smell
  • Best Vacation experience
  • Their favorite place to go on vacation
  • Last song they listened
  • Their biggest guilty pleasure
  • Their pets
  • What would they like to name their flamingo pet?
  • Their favorite movie or book
  • The place they would like to visit across the world

The View from My Office

As per the virtual event platform experts, you can ask the attendees to share what view they get from their office. They can share a photo or connect via video call and show the scenery. Hence, everyone will get thrilled as it is always fun to see what type of place others live. So, everyone uses their mobile camera or laptop webcam to show that will boost the engagement and entertainment for everyone.

Two Truths and a Lie

As per the virtual team meeting platform expert, you can create great attention with the truth and lie game. Ask everyone to share two truths about themselves and a lie that everyone else has to guess which one was true and what was a lie. This way, everyone will be able to understand each other and know about everyone on the team better.

Two-Word Check-In

As per the online meeting platform experts, you can attain great attention with the two-word check-in game. It is a question that displays on the screen as soon as the person logs into the virtual meeting. Moreover, you can ask different questions such as how a person is feeling right now, what they will choose if they have four options, and many others.

Let Emojis show your Emotions!

You can also get emojis with the best virtual event solutions. There is no need to use words to express your feelings. So, just pick the emoticon that you think best describes yourself and share it with everyone at the virtual meeting. This way, everyone can be involved in your icebreaker activity.

Would You Rather

You can choose various things and give choices to the people. They can choose as per their preference. All you need is to get ready with a good list that you can utilize using virtual event technology.

So, these are the various icebreakers that can be helpful in stopping your team from getting traumatized. You can get great success in increasing engagement without hassle.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to learning unbeatable virtual icebreakers not to traumatize your team.

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