Pinch valve advantages and disadvantages

    Pinch valve

    Today you can see many pinch valve manufacturers which was quite uncommon in the past. Pinch valve has today become the simplest designed valve in the market. The reason that the pinch valve is considered to be better than proportional valve and other ones is because it is simple to use and manage plus there are many more benefits of this valve that you would not enjoy with other ones. Today there are many applications of the pinch valves but in this post we are not going to discuss the applications in detail, rather we are going to throw some light on the pros and cons of it.

    Now you must know that today pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers are designing these valves in such a way that it reduces all sorts of pressure and fluid losses. You can see the use of elastomeric sleeves in the pinch valves. These sleeves are flexible and are designed with strong seals which can easily trap particles in the tube. There are different applications of this valve in which these sleeves sometimes trap the particles in the tube ball valve or the butterfly valve. This helps the pinch valve function partially even if the power goes out.

    The sleeves in the proportional pneumatic valves don’t use rubber lines which is why they are different from the pinch valves. Pinch valve manufacturers use a rubber liner which provides long lasting properties to the material inside and also helps in managing temperature. 

    Here you must know that there are many advantages of the pinch valve which outweigh the cons. So let us see the cons as for why today pinch valve manufacturers are working hard to win a solid place in the market.

    Pros and cons of the pinch valve over the proportional valves

    As we have told you before there are tons of benefits of using the pinch valves. Some of these have been discussed below that you are not going to find in the electronic proportional valves:

    • The first benefit of pinch valves is that they are low and easy to maintain.
    • These valves are low weight which makes them easier to manage.
    • You are not going to find any clogging or dead spots in the pinch valves.
    • These valves have a straightforward design. They are famous for being simple and robust.
    • They have fast closing and opening times.
    • Pinch valve has self cleaning purpose.
    • There is no turbulence and minimum friction in these valves
    • You don’t have to worry about any loss in mechanical parts
    • The most important pro is that the pinch valve is quite inexpensive.

    There are also some cons of this valve that you need to know if you are planning to be a pinch valve manufacturer:

    • The temperature range in the pinch valves is limited
    • The operating pressure is limited in the pinch valves
    • The length may be an issue if there is no space for the fitting valve.

    These are a few notable cons of the pinch valves that one should know about!

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