Do You Need a Safety Shower or Eyewash Station in Your Workplace? 

    Safety Shower

    Safety showers and eyewash stations are essential safety functions in place to ensure the safety of your workers. These systems do this as a way to provide on the spot treatment following contact with hazardous materials whether they be substances or debris. 

    Any facility that works with dangerous or hazardous materials should have ways to protect their workers, facilities and the environment in the case of any issues such as this arising. 

    To make it easier for you to understand the purpose and value of this safety equipment, this article will go over the essential information you need. 

    Where Are Safety Showers & Eyewash Stations Utilised?

    Safety showers are used to treat the skin in a burn emergency or clean the skin of any chemicals and other such contaminants and can help minimise the effects of contact. The area should generally be flushed for at least fifteen minutes after first contact. 

    Eyewash stations are used to irrigate and flush only the eye area to treat injuries caused by splashing, rubbing, or itching while working with toxic or corrosive chemicals. They can also be used to treat injuries caused by being exposed to debris. The reason eyewash stations are a necessity is because safety showers are not helpful in irrigating just the eyes, often being too strong and causing further damage. 

    Assessing the Risk

    Before placing any safety equipment, your workplace must be assessed for risk. When placing safety shower in Australia you must be able to correctly place the shower in the right location, and at the right frequency, with all aspects of the shower working at all times. 

    As per Australian Standard, safety showers and eyewashes should be found something like 10 seconds from distinguished dangers. The distance between them and the danger must be unimpeded, and they must be on the same level as the hazard. Lights must also make the safety shower easy to find and be well lit. 

    Risk assessments are difficult to undertake, so keep in mind you can work with the experts if required. 

    Where Do You Get Safety Showers? 

    If your company is based anywhere in Australia, the best place to get your safety equipment needs is Spill Station Australia. They specialise in compliant safety equipment that includes safety showers, eyewash units, face wash units, bunding and spill kits to name a few. 

    They also offer bespoke audits of your workplace and can help you maintain your safety needs in the long run. If you want to take the effort out of safety, they can do it for you.  

    What Other Compliance Requirements Are There? 

    Outside of the aforementioned flow time, distance and signage these are some of the other compliance needs to keep in mind: 

    ·      You need to use tepid water in eyewashes and safety showers. 

    ·      The eyewash design must allow for eyelids to be held open for flushing. 

    ·      Equipment must be tested weekly and inspected with a tag annually. 

    ·      Eye and body shower units must keep a strong flow for both units at the same time. 

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